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Please call for information on upcoming classes. There are evening and Saturday classes available.  To ensure you get the right course so please call or email.  Blended Learning Courses available.  Private courses are available but do require a minimum of 6 people or the equivalent dollar amount  to come to your site/home. We offer consulting services and a variety of training courses including:

CPR/AED & First Aid Training


CPR Training for Infants, Children and/or Adult Victims. Learn to provide basic life support, save a choking person, place an unconscious person in the recovery position.  First Aid  training teaches how to recognize signs and symptoms of injuries and sudden illnesses. Meets OSHA requirements.  Courses can be tailored to meet EMS requirements for Daycare and Preschool facilities. Blended Learning available (except for licensed child care courses). 
2-6 hours (can be taken independently or combined) CPR cards and First Aid cards are valid for 2 years. American Heart Association Certification available for an additional fee.
Purchasing an Automatic External Defibrillator (AED)


Child and Babysitting Safety (C.A.B.S.)



Length of 

Pet First Aid & Disaster Preparedness


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Get certified in American Safety & Health C.A.B.S.(Child and Babysitting Safety) Program.  This course is targeted towards the 12-15 year old audience.

Be prepared to care for infants and children in an emergency.  Learn how to market themselves in business as junior child care givers, age-appropriate toys and play. Practice for diapering, holding, and feeding babies. CPR & First Aid Skills introduction. 2 year Certification included.
3 hours 

CTS sells AEDs and the importance of an AED is that it can increase survival rates by as much as 70%. Set-up, equipment operation, and maintenance along with hands-on practice on an AED trainer. Course should be taken in conjunction with or after successful completion of a CPR Course for adults.
Ensure you and your staff are prepared to handle a sudden cardiac arrest emergency.
AED overview is included in all CPR Courses.
Course is 3 hours; 2 year Certification
Topics include: injury prevention and disaster preparation, personal safety precautions to help pet owners identify and minimize risks. A wide array of pet emergencies including bleeding and bite wounds, cardiac arrest, choking, burns, poisoning, trauma, heat & cold related illnesses and more.

Water Safety
(this is not a Lifeguard Course)

Description:    This Course is designed for pool owners, parents, Foster Care/Adoptive parents, Residential Care home personnel where you might be needed to help a distressed swimmer. Clean up and prevention of injuries is also covered.

Certification:   Course takes 1 hour/4 hours with CPR & First Aid components; 2 year certification
Burn Management 
Course Utilizing Water Jel a trademark product, this hour long course will train   students to quickly assess and manage contact, electrical and chemical burns to the skin. Can be added to any of the above courses for an additional fee of $10 per student or as a stand alone course. 
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