​We offer both traditional classroom and Blended Learning options for your training at your site. 

CABS (Child & Babysitting Safety)

Get certified in American Safety & Health C.A.B.S. Program. This course is targeted towards the 12-15 year old audience.

Be prepared to care for infants and children in an emergency. Learn how to market themselves in business as junior child care givers, age-appropriate toys and play. Practice for diapering, holding, and feeding babies. CPR & First Aid Skills introduction. 2 year Certification included.  3 hours 

Burn Management Course

Course Utilizing Water Jel a trademark product, this hour long course will train students to quickly assess and manage contact, electrical and chemical burns to the skin. Can be added to any of the above courses for an additional fee per student or as a stand alone course. 

CPR/AED & Basic First Aid.  Everyone gets a manikin to practice hands on skills in our classes! 2 year certifications.
Blood Borne Pathogens - OSHA approved/ 1 year Certification

Advanced Bleeding Control - tourniquets are now part of Basic First Aid but this course goes into more information on using a tourniquet and other methods to control major bleeding incidents.

Pet First Aid & Disaster Preparedness Course

​Learn what to do for your pet if they choke, are bleeding and what to have and do in major disasters with your pet. 2 hours.

Course Descriptions
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