We offer Health & Safety Institute courses in both traditional classroom and Blended Learning course options for your training at your site.  There is no online registration, I want to ensure you sign up for the right course.  Please email or call to register. 

CPR/AED, Basic Life Support (BLS), and/or
Basic First Aid 
 Everyone gets their own manikin to practice hands on skills. 2 year Health & Safety Institute certifications.

Pediatric CPR & First Aid for Licensed Child Care State of California required  8 hour course. 

Blood Borne Pathogens - OSHA approved/ 1 year Certification

Advanced Bleeding Control - tourniquets are now part of Basic First Aid but this course goes into more information on using a tourniquet and other methods to control major bleeding incidents.

Epi-Pen Training Course with Certification

Opioid Overdose and Bystander Use of Naloxone Online Course with 2 year Certification

CABS (Child & Babysitting Safety)

Get certified in Health & Safety Institute's C.A.B.S. Program. This course is targeted towards the 12-15 year old audience.

Be prepared to care for infants and children in an emergency. Learn how to market themselves in business as junior child care givers, age-appropriate toys and play. Practice for diapering, holding, and feeding babies. CPR & First Aid Skills introduction. 2 year Certification and book included. 3-4 hours
Course Descriptions
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